WINNERS….Did you agree with the judges?

At Thirroul PS, our votes are now tallied. Our ‘winners’ were:

Picture Book – My Uncle’s Donkey followed by ‘Family Forest’ and ‘Mirror’

Early Childhood – ‘The Tall Man….’ followed by ‘The Deep End’

Younger Readers – ‘Toppling’ and ‘Duck For a Day’

What were your thoughts about the REAL winners? Did your choices match the judges?

Let us know!

Two Peas in a Pod

Chris McKimmie has given us another timeless picture book which deals with the friendship between Marvin (Marvellous) and Violet. McKimmie uses colour and bird symbols in this book…can you comment on how?

Look at the picture where a bird is sitting above Marvin’s head. What does this represent? What type of bird do you think it is and why would  McKimmie choose it?

My Uncle’s Donkey

Lots of laughs during the reading of this book! Try reading it without showing the illustrations…… how well does this ‘illustrate'(!) the importance of  Toby Riddle’s quirky drawings? How many different colours did you see within the book? And did you spot something unusual……something you may have seen somewhere else?? Let me know your thoughts!

Mrs Mac


And so, another Book Week is approaching. What books have you read so far? I have just read ‘Toppling’ in one sitting…I just had to keep reading until I found out what happened! It was a moving, relevant story, but still made me smile. I read a review of the book on another blogsite….written by two 12 year old twins. They wrote their review in verse! Here’s the link if you would like to check it out
If you have read ‘Toppling’, what did you think?<


Book Week 2011

The 2011 Shortlist has just been announced and this year I was lucky enough to be at a special CBCA event to hear the announcement. It was also lots of fun to hear booksellers, children’s literature specialists and publishers make their own predictions.
The theme for this year’s Book Week is ‘One world, many stories’. funnily enough, this was the theme for the 2010 ‘Summer Reading initiative in the USA, so there are some good resources to use. Head over to
Mrs Mac’s site to find them. Over the next couple of months I’ll be posting about some of the shortlisted titles I’ve been reading, so stay tuned!

Winners….which did you pick?

We really liked Schumann as the ending made you think. Fearless was also popular. Often, the opinions of the adult judges differ to students. Why is that?

Send me a comment and don’t forget to include your own ‘winning’ choices! Some great comments were received regarding ‘blurbs’. Keep them coming!

Fearless wordles

Students in stages 2 & 3 have been designing wordles as part of the DET’s Book Week Book rap. For those not participating, we had to describe ‘Fearless’ in five words and design a wordle using these words. While ‘cute’ was a popular adjective, ‘fearful’ was another which I thought described ‘Fearless’ pretty well.
here are a couple of examples:

If you create any Book Week wordles please send me the link in a comment below and I’ll upload to the Book Week page.

And our blog winner is…..

Congratulations to Amy C for her comment regarding ‘Leaf’. Amy made the comment that although ‘Leaf’ was a little title, the book was about something big….life. Amy’s prize will be posted shortly.
Thankyou to all the students who made comments on the shortlisted titles! Visit the blog again next year when we will do it all again!!

Mrs Mac